Intercultural management

CEE Intercultural will help you to cooperate with colleagues from different cultures, lead multicultural teams, do business with partners from various cultures and live or work in a foreign country. Our ambition is to support your integration in an intercultural environment and to enable you to be effective - while keeping your own identity and authenticity.

    We take care of your success via,

  • our business coaching/mentoring, facilitation and consulting expertise,
  • experts with own experience with medium- and long-term relocation in target countries,
  • our education and training in intercultural management and/or relocation counseling
  • solutions customised to each client‘s needs.

Everything we do is a combination of four cornerstones: we help you to develop your intercultural competences, cultural awareness, and your knowledge about cultural differences and cultural realities. Through intercultural coaching or mentoring, intercultural trainings and seminars, experiential learning programmes, organisational consulting and psychological counseling.