Development of intercultural competences

We aim to support your competitiveness and confidence in global markets. We will enable you achieve positive results, minimise the negative consequences of misunderstanding or be creative in intercultural cooperation.

Research has proven that intercultural cooperation is assisted by the following competences:

  • The ‚pull' competences (e.g. openness, flexibility, recognition of diversity),
  • The ‚push' competences (e.g. achieving goals regardless of barriers, emotional resilience, personal autonomy, self-discipline),
  • Communication (e.g. clear and convincing presentation of one's proposals and suggestions with respect to multicultural context, demonstration of sensitivity towards local context while enforcing global objectives, ensuring of efficient virtual communication, overcoming of barriers resulting from communication in a foreign language),
  • Organisational savvy (ethical influencing, impression management, orienting in complex organisational relationships),
  • Team cooperation (building trust, coping with diversity in team dynamics, coping with critical periods in team cooperation),
  • Leadership (building of trust to support innovation and open communication, development and motivation, talent management, providing for understanding).

    Together with each client or team we therefore ask the following questions:

  • Which of those competences require attention in my/our specific role and in my/our specific personal and business context?
  • Why is the competence essential for me/us?
  • What issues may arise if this competence is missing?
  • What can I do to develop a chosen competence?